Thursday, October 31, 2013

Funnies & Facts: Oct 2013

October 17, 2013
Lucy: [sobbing] Abby coughed on my cookie, and now I can't eat it.

Eraina: [tired]  It's ok, you can eat it.

Lucy: [sobbing] But it has bad germs on it.

Eraina: It's ok, you can just eat it.

Lucy: But it has germs on it, and you said I'll get sick.

Eraina: [the germs and hand-washing lessons are kinda hurting me right now.]  Here, let me see your cookie.  [And then I blew on it.]  There, I blew the germs off.

Lucy: MA-MMMY!  Are they off?

Eraina: I think so.  It's ok. [We don't have any more frosted sugar cookies.  That's the last one.  And Abby is sitting happily at the table eating hers.]

Lucy: Did all the germs blow off?  Is it true??

Eraina: Ummmmm

Lucy:  [still sobbing]  Is it true??  Are they off?

Eraina: .... I don't know...?

Lucy:  No, is it really, really true?!  Or do you just think it's true in your head?

Eraina: You mean like, "is it a fact" or "is it an opinion?"

[And then I explained the definitions of fact and opinion, and she said we should've traded cookies with Abby right away, and I apologized for not thinking of that and told her that that was a good idea and that her cookie probably still had bad germs on it.  And she - as she's always been - calmed with the truth of the rational discussion, and then we found cookie dough in the freezer.]

Bryan loves this story.  And I'm proud of Lucy.  And I do think there's absolute truth, so I'm glad she intuitively realizes it at an early age.   

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