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Hannah's Hands - In Memory of Samuel

Thank you for your gifts in Samuel's memory to Orphan Outreach. As many of you know, I served vocationally in orphan ministry for 6 years before staying home with Lucy when she was born. Orphan Outreach means a lot to me personally. Mike Douris (President) led Samuel's graveside service, and everyone there and in the countries in which we work is a dear friend.

Donations in memory of the life of Samuel Lars Larson have been dedicated to support Hannah’s Hands, a program of Orphan Outreach that began in Russia where local women are hired to hold, rock and pray over babies at the Crisis Center. Click here to read more about "Hannah's Hands." We are thankful that Samuel's life can be remembered through tangible love to orphan and at-risk children.

Several of the nurses told us that they never saw Samuel in his actual "bed" and that he was always being held. It's true.

"See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands." - Isaiah 49:16