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It's official... USA

He first came to Texas in May 1993 to volunteer at a summer camp. Today, after applying, paying a fee, proving we are still married, passing a test, swearing to defend the constitution, agreeing to serve in the armed forces if necessary, taking an oath, and sitting through a ceremony with exactly 100 other applicants from 34 countries ... he is now a citizen of the United States of America.

The ride to school

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Funnies & Facts 9.2013

Me: [Picking her up from preschool and asking about her day]
Abby:  Just stop talking.  The talking hurts my ears.

Liv's 15 month wellness stats: 16 pounds, 15 ounces (-3 percentile); 29 1/4" (30th percentile); 46.3 HC

Sometime this month...
Lucy: When he's born, can he stay here awhile and play and not go straight to heaven [like Samuel]?

If Liv doesn't like something [when we tell her "no"], she goes straight to the floor, rolls over and lies face down then finds something to throw [especially if she's in her high chair].

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Only in a house full of girls do you get a shiner by hugging.

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Chalk Art

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abby: I want to go to kindergarten.

Lucy: You can't play. You have to just sit on the rug.

"the rug"

And then leaving for kindergarten...

Abby: I want Lucy to come back. I wuv her.

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Tree Climber

Your baby come out from your tummy?

Abby really wants to see the baby. But when I showed her the pic of Liv straight out of the womb, she said, "Gross. Her take a bubble bath."