Friday, February 28, 2014

Facts & Funnies: Feb 2013

Feb. 1
Lucy:  I'm tired of being little.

Feb. 15
Abby:  Did his straw fall out?  [talking about baby brother's umbilical cord]

Feb. 18
Abby:  I had a dream about God and Jesus.

Me:  Who wants to......?

Bryan: What's her name?
Abby: Lucy
Bryan: What's my name?
Abby:  Bryan
Bryan: What's Mommy's name?
Abby:  Babe
Bryan:  What's your name?
Abby:  Abby
Bryan:  What's your whole name?
Abby:  Abby.  Gail Sue Larson

Feb. 24
- back up to 6 lbs, 2 oz birth weight